One in, one out

I don’t usually make resolutions. I am very good at failing to do the smallest thing on a daily basis and beating myself up about it (eating more veg, doing more exercise etc etc) so randomly choosing the start of the year to come up with a list of stuff that I’m supposed to do for the rest of my life seems silly. 

However. I have been recently kinda driving myself mad with the amount of stuff I own and similarly the amount of stuff I covet. In the last few months alone, I convinced myself I couldn’t live without a pair of  flat-ish, smart-ish, black ankle boots and that I couldn’t possibly make do with what I’ve got already. This is some of my collection of ankle boots (I thought it was all of them but then found three more pairs, and I was too embarrassed to share). There are five pairs of black boots in there (and another two that didn’t appear in that pic), two of which are new within the last two months. Seriously. Why? 

And it’s not just shoes which, if you know me, know is likely. I have 11 striped Breton tops, countless black tops from uniqlo, six pairs of black jeans. 

And here’s the handbags. 

And that’s just the clothing. When I was cleaning out the kitchen for the big refurb, I discovered three bags of red lentils, two bags of rice and I can’t even talk about the herbs and spices (but here’s a pic of some of the bottles I ended up throwing out) 

And then there’s the cutlery collection we’ve amassed. I could host a dinner party for 38 people and still have cutlery leftover. 

So my only resolution for 2017 and life is to stop buying stuff. I literally don’t need anything. And if I do get the urge to get the latest must have shiny thing, I can only get it if I sell something I already own to the same value. Which means, I’ll be doing a lot of car boots and ebaying as the year goes on, probably. But right now, I cannot think of one thing I simply must have. There’s lots I want to achieve. But nothing I want. As a natural consumer, it’s bloody liberating to not be desirous of stuff, I feel lighter already (emotionally, physically I have eaten all the cheese and may never move again). 

What are your resolutions? Let me know, inspire me! 


6 thoughts on “One in, one out”

  1. I’m going to try and bring more yoga into my life, I got to a few classes in the summer but family and work commitments mean I can’t make classes currently. So I’m starting by trying to do ‘salutation to the sun’ each morning, this morning was interesting as Aubrey decided to climb on my back whilst in upward facing dog pose. I’m waking up with neck ache and the demands of a non sleeping non verbal 3 year old mean my stress levels can be high, so instead of moaning I’m going to try and be more yogi like x

    1. It is! I had a clear out a few months ago. The only one missing from that is the one I’m using at the moment. Honestly, I have so much stuff, I’m very embarrassed by it. Need to downsize. Need to car boot.

  2. I love this post so much. I too am in the process of clearing out and am finding the purge and the minimizing emotionally and mentally soothing for the soul. I wish my urge to buy would subside, but that will come with practice. While clearing out one closet, I managed to part with about 12 handbags. I offered them to someone I know who I thought could use them (or at least her daughters could) and she was so excited to have them. I realized how GOOD giving my things to others who might appreciate them felt….Anyway, rambling, but I love this post. Thanks for writing it!! xxx

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