A year goes by…

And what a year it’s been. 2014 has not been kind to me or those I love- family lost through evil illnesses, friends lost because it became too much for them to keep on keeping on, limbs lost in road accidents (not mine), relationships feeling on the edge of brokenness but trying SO HARD to be fixed. All in all, I (rather dramatically) feel I’ve lost the very essence of me, this year has been throwing bricks at me to see which one would send me collapsing into rubble.

So I’m taking a break and taking some time to fix myself and stop all the emotions in the world living in my throat, just waiting to break free at any moment in time.

Rather than making this a big ole ‘poor me’ post, I’m writing this to say that over the next few months, I’m going to make a concerted effort to write more here – but not about misery and woe, mostly about food and drink and drinking and eating.

Watch this space. I’m bringing the joy back and it’s starting with writing. Hopefully.


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