(sort of) Wishing fate had dealt me a different hand…

At a formative age, I read somewhere or heard someone say about an elderly American lady from the Deep South that she liked to listen to her stories whilst eating bon bons. This sounded like a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or a lifetime and I’ve since strived to make my life one filled with bon bons and stories.. However, as I’m not actually 80 and I don’t have a terrace on which to while away an afternoon listening to my stories on the wireless, it’s sometimes easier imagined than done.

And I’ve never spent an afternoon with a quilting bee.

All in all, my dreams of being an elderly Southern gentlewoman are shot down by being a middle-aged British/Sri-Lankan living in working in grey and cold London town.

Not that life’s at all bad. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s bloody good fun. I’ve got a job, a house, a cat, a husband, great friends and family. So this blog will record the stories we make when we play together and the bon bons we share when we eat together and hopefully one day they’ll be tales we tell when we are all old and wrinkly and have terraces on which to while hours away.


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